Clear Cut
With clear cut, you can make the transfer sticker you want.

“Clear cut” transfer decal

Clear cut is a technology that removes blanks other than the printed part and makes only the ink part a transfer sticker. Since it has high quality as a sticker, it can be applied as an alternative to silk printing and can be used for decoration in places where printing is difficult.

Advantages of clear cut

If you can transfer only the pattern on the sticker, it will look better after sticking. However, when cutting out a pattern with an ordinary sticker, it is a common method to make a blade shape along the outer shell of the pattern. However, with a blade die, it is difficult to make it according to the fine parts of the pattern and complicated shapes, considering the time and effort of removing the residue after die cutting, and considering the consideration, it is common to die out with a rough outline. ..
Transfer sticker with clear cut
In addition, the cross section of the seal cut with a blade type has an acute-angled edge, so it is easy to get caught, and as time goes by, dust etc. enters through the gap, which also causes the seal to easily roll up.
Our patented clear cut solves all the problems that occur in die cutting. The technology to accurately cut out complicated shapes is unthinkable in die cutting. The edges are smooth, do not get caught, and do not generate scraps, so there is no need for labor after processing.

Die-cutting with a blade

Die-cutting using a blade mold can only be made into a rough shape. Due to the structure, a white edge is required because the outline is drawn on the outside of the pattern.

Shape cutting by clicut

Clear cut is a technology that can remove blank areas other than ink and transfer only the printed area. Since only the ink part is transferred, there is no white border.

Features of clear cut

Patented clipping technology

We use cutting technology (patented) to make stickers that can transfer only printed parts such as patterns and characters.

Even fine patterns can be cut through

Even intricate fine patterns can be cut out neatly, expanding the variety of designs.

Only the pattern can be transferred

Since only the pattern can be transferred, a high quality sticker can be made. When transferred, it fits as if it were printed.

Smooth edges and hard to peel off

When cutting with a blade type, the cut surface has an acute angle, which causes the edges to get caught and peel off, but in the case of clear cut, the edges are smooth, less caught, and hard to peel off. (Even if you cut out with a clear cut, it may be easy to get caught in a sharp figure depending on the angle. In that case, you may be able to avoid it by rounding the corners etc.)

Can cut through the foil

It can also be applied to gold foil and hologram foil, making it ideal for decoration. Scales can be cut out one by one and transferred to a three-dimensional shape such as a lure.
If the patterns are disjointed, transfer them using application*1

How to apply the transfer sticke

Use of clear cut
  • Fancy decal
    Clear cut technology can be used for various printing such as offset, silk screen, foil stamping, and hologram. Fancy seals that require quality can also be processed to the specifications requested according to various characters.
  • Logo mark sticker
    Create logo marks such as company names and product names with clear cuts. The sticker can be transferred even in places where it is difficult to print.
  • spot decorate for nails
    Even fine designs such as nail art can be accurately reproduced with clear cuts.
  • Lure decorative sticker
    Can be transferred to a three-dimensional shape without wrinkles.
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  1. application:
    An application is an auxiliary sheet (weakly viscous and transparent) for transferring a sticker from a printing mount to an adherend, and is also called a transfer sheet.
    ■How to use the application■
    Paste the application on top of the sticker on the mount.
    The application uses something that is slightly stronger than the adhesive strength of the sticker and mount.
    When the application is peeled off, the sticker will be attached together and peeled off.
    If you stick it on the adherend as it is, the sticker will peel off from the application and adhere to the adherend because the adhesive strength between the seal and the adherend is stronger than the adhesive strength between the application and the seal.[]