It is possible to express details that are not covered in foil stamping!

Cold foil printing

Color printing is possible on the foil, allowing for more free expression.

Cold foil is a foil transfer method that does not use “heat” or “pressure”, unlike “hot stamping” 1 where pressure is applied to press the foil. A special adhesive is printed on the separator using a printing plate with an offset printing machine, and the foil is transferred and fixed on it. Next, color printing is performed, so the part with the foil shines and the part without the foil retains the normal texture. Since this technology is applied to sticker printing, it is possible to produce high-impact stickers.

Features of cold foil printing
  • Since color printing can be performed on the foil transferred on the offset printing machine, various color metallics can be expressed on the sticker printing.
  • Foil transfer and color printing are performed in one pass on an offset printing machine, so registration accuracy is high, and even fine designs can be expressed with stickers.
  • If you print using halftone dots, you can control the shade of the foil, so you can also express gradation on metallic.
  • Cold foil processing enables delicate designs such as fine characters and 0.1 mm fine lines that are possible on offset printing. Therefore, the range of seal design is greatly expanded.
  • Since it can be partially filled with transparent resin from the top of cold foil printing, it is possible to create a powerful seal design that gives a sense of dynamism.
A sticker for iPhone

A sticker for iPhone with a partial filling of transparent resin on cold foil printing

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  1. A method of transferring foil. A method of making a letterpress with a pattern to be transferred and applying heat and pressure to a metal foil to transfer it to a material. The metallic feel can be expressed by crimping the pattern of the metal foil on the material.[]