Debossed aluminum filmed foil

Since our debossing process can engrave a fine pattern on any place, it is possible to express unevenness on the sticker by adding a tint block to the background or debossing the characters.

Utilizing foil debossing for product labels

By combining printing and engraving, it is possible to create a random color gloss like a hologram. It is also characterized by high register accuracy because printing and engraving are performed in one pass. Just using
“Debossing”1on the product label at one point will change the impression. It is effective when you want to make it stand out or give it a luxurious feel according to the value of the product.

Features of foil debossing stickers
  1. You can add a fine pattern to any place by debossing.
  2. Deboss processing can be processed in multiple combinations at any location
  3. You can also deboss small parts such as letters
  4. A hologram-like glow can be obtained by color-changing printing for debossing.
  5. You can also specify the location for color changing
  6. Since printing and debossing are performed in one pass, the registration accuracy is high and the price can be reduced.
  7. You can order original stickers even in a small lot.
Decossed coffee label
Nameplate logo mark sticker with foil debossing

If you use debossing, you can create a nameplate-like logo mark with a sticker. By debossing the black background, you can express a casting-like satin finish, put the logo on it, and add resin to the edges and logo to give it a three-dimensional appearance, which gives the atmosphere of a nameplate.

Foil Debossed transfer sticker

Above: Two-color printing of black and yellow (expressing gold) on aluminum vapor deposition foil. Debossed on a black background.
Bottom: Black, green and red three-color printing. The black background and logo / characters are debossed with different patterns.

  1. Embossing adds an elegant effect to your printed projects by creating a raised design. Debossing creates an indentation in the stock, achieving an effect opposite to embossing.[]