Digital printing that can provide good things quickly and cheaply. It’s well worth trying when printing stickers and labels.

Digital printing that can be produced more quickly and vividly with the same quality as photographic image quality and perfect register accuracy. It has high quality and realizes small lots and low cost, which are advantages unique to on-demand. In addition, since it can be printed as a product with the same quality as the sample is taken out, there is no “different from color proofing” and it leads to shortening of delivery time. In addition, by combining the technology and know-how that we have cultivated so far, we will realize the printing of attractive stickers and labels on demand and one pass. In addition, the pseudo-hologram effect (patented) by our original processing technology has made it possible to add more value to digital printing.

Sharp print quality

In addition to the expressive power of full-color photographs, it realizes high-gradation gradation reproduction and high-density solid black printing, and prints small point characters, barcodes, and QR codes sharply.

Various expressions with pseudo hologram effect

Detailed varnish printing and whitening printing can be performed with one pass. It is possible to express brilliance like matt gold or hologram. You can also specify the part you want to shine and the part you don’t want to shine by drawing white anywhere on the sticker or label using foil. In addition, if varnishing is applied to any location, it is possible to create irregularities by filling.

Variable printing that expands the possibilities

Variable printing is possible, in which the lot number and barcode can be changed for each label, and high-quality photos can be replaced for each label. In addition, the possibilities of labels can be further expanded by adding ingenuity such as variation printing that realizes multiple different colors with the same design.

Width 340mm, length endless!

Achieves endless printing of patterns with a maximum width of 340 mm. Easily create long labels such as store decoration panels, POP stickers, and floor banners. We can propose various labels that have never been seen before.

Seal with excellent weather resistance, scratch resistance, and water resistance

It has excellent weather resistance, scratch resistance, and water resistance, and is also suitable for label printing in harsh environments such as outdoors.


A liquor label printed in one pass using a digital printing machine.

Digital printing + cutout transfer processing

transfer sticker by digital printing

Clear cut transfer sticker by digital printing (postcard size)

transfer sticker by digital printing

When transferred, fine letters and patterns are also transferred neatly (image transferred to the board)

Clear cut processing that enables fine cutting is compatible with digital printing.

Various expressions have become possible even with low cost and small lots. Stickers such as characters and illustrations that have been clear-cut to digital printing to make transfer stickers are cut out for each character, so they are transferred by the application. Since CMYK + White can be used as the ink, the vivid colors are maintained even after transfer by pulling white on the background.

Anti-counterfeit seal


A hologram-like reflection has been achieved by digital printing. (Patented)
We combine variable printing and embossing with our unique know-how to create anti-counterfeit stickers.