Gold foil stamping sticker for producing premium feeling

The brilliance of metal makes the product stand out.

Foil stamping sticker is created using a technique called “hot stamping”1 in which a thinly stretched metal foil film is transferred by heat and pressure.
Since the metal foil is transferred as it is, you can obtain a real metallic luster that cannot be expressed by printing. In particular, gold leaf stickers give a realistic shine unique to gold, which is different from printing, so it can be said to be an indispensable method when you want to give a premium feeling.

Can be partially foil stamped

It is also possible to partially foil the sticker, so if you want to add value to a normal sticker, or if the glossiness of foil paper is not enough, you can add foil stamping to make the atmosphere of the sticker luxurious. A feeling is added.

Compatible with various metal foils

We have various types of metal leaf such as gold, silver, color metallic, hologram, etc., so you can use it according to your needs.
Ideal for decorating places that are difficult to print, such as chopsticks decorations and one-point marks on eyeglasses.

cut out foil stamping sticker

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  1. A method of transferring foil. A method of making a letterpress with a pattern to be transferred and applying heat and pressure to a metal foil to transfer it to a material. The metallic feel can be expressed by crimping the pattern of the metal foil on the material.[]