Security label
Miracle Industry Anti-counterfeit Label

Label security

By applying the technology cultivated in sticker printing, we have developed “label” sealing and stamp type security products.

Both the “anti-counterfeit label MSL” that applies the patented technology “Clear Cut” acquired in 1989 and the “anti-counterfeit label DSL (patented)” that was developed in 2019 by applying the embossing technology by digital printing. It is gaining recognition as a label that cannot be imitated. By making the “label”, which is generally familiar, into an anti-counterfeiting product, we believe that we can appeal to our customers in terms of ease of handling and price as a familiar presence. Our anti-counterfeit label has the advantage of being able to be used in combination with existing anti-counterfeiting measures (holograms, 2D codes, etc.), achieving stronger security. It also has excellent design because it can express delicate work.
You can choose from “MSL”, which is excellent as a sealing label, and “DSL”, which is in high demand as a small lot and low-cost stamp label, depending on the application.

 Anti-counterfeit label MSL

Anti-counterfeit label DSL that realizes small lot and low cost