Anti-counterfeit label DSL

Original security label at low cost

Anti-counterfeit label DSL (Digital Security Label) is a stamp type security label that expresses a pseudo hologram effect by digital printing. Prove that it is genuine by attaching it to the case, tag, ticket, etc. of the product.

Anti-counterfeit label DSL
The DSL label expresses a hologram-like effect by embossing. It is possible to change the light reflection angle by the embossing pattern. By combining the company name and logo with the embossed pattern and adding numbering
1, you can create a unique original anti-counterfeit label. Color changing
2 and color shift
3are also possible, so if you specify the place to put the changing, you can make a complicated original anti-counterfeit label. Since it is a one-pass process from printing to embossing, small lots and low cost have been realized. It is designed so that it cannot be easily forged, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, we will make the most suitable proposal according to the customer’s request.

Anti-counterfeit label DSL features
  • You can express a holographic glow effect by changing the color of the embossed pattern.
  • Complex patterns can be expressed by combining embossed patterns
  • You can put hidden characters
  • You can put numbering
  • You can also create your own embossed pattern
  • You can create a completely original label in small lots with your company name and logo.
  • You can specify the location of the color changing
  • Since printing, embossing, and numbering are performed in one pass (one process), we can provide accurate examinations and low prices.
Anti-counterfeit label MSL
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  1. Numbering: Allocate numbers. The purpose is to give numbers without omissions and facilitate identification[]
  2. Color changing: The color changes variously depending on the angle of the light[]
  3. Color shift: Technology that changes color by tilting the printed matter[]