We can make tattoo stickers for sale.

We produce tattoo stickers for sale and promotional

Water transfer tattoo stickers that can be easily pasted and peeled off are very popular at events!

Tattoo stickers, which have been recognized as fashionable items, are now used not only in summer but also at parties, dance events, Halloween, festivals, and various other events, and their demand is increasing year by year.
We can print original tattoo stickers for events and sales in full color, even in small lot production from glue processing to punching processing. Since it is a water transfer sticker, it is easy to put on and take off, and anyone can enjoy it.

We produce not only normal tattoo stickers but also metallic, white and black light tattoo stickers.

Easy-to-paste tattoo stickers


  1. Remove the tattoo sticker you want to attach from the mount and slowly peel off the transparent sheet. When peeled off, the pattern will be in a glued state. (If the glue on the transparent sheet remains on the film, crimp it again.)
  2. Stick it on the body with the glue side down and rub it lightly from above.
    When sticking on a curved surface, lightly press it according to the surface.
  3. Moisten the entire paper with a small amount of water on the tissue.
  4. Peel off the paper in about 10 seconds while sliding it.
  5. If the pattern is floating, press it with a lightly moist tissue from the center to the outside.
    If water has accumulated on the surface of the pattern when the paper is peeled off, use a tissue to remove excess water.
  6. Let it dry for about 1 minute and you’re done.

It is a water transfer sticker that can be easily pasted by simply pasting it, moistening it with water, and peeling off the paper.

Basic tattoo sticker


Basic tattoo stickers are still a popular item. Both single color printing and color printing are possible. Since printing is done on a thin film, the transparent part after pasting will become familiar to the skin and will be almost unnoticeable. It is also possible to cut out with a blade type and make perforations.

Body paint style sticker


By drawing white ink on the base of single color printing or color printing, you can make body paint style stickers in addition to normal tattoo stickers. You can also combine transparent and unhelpful areas by partially drawing white ink. It is popular as a supporter goods such as national flags and team emblems. It is also possible to cut out with a blade type and make perforations.

Metallic Tattoo


In addition to basic tattoo stickers, we also produce metallic tattoo stickers using gold leaf and silver leaf. The sensation of reflecting off the sun and shining brilliantly is absolutely gorgeous. Gold and silver tattoos that are a staple of summer. You can enjoy it like jewelry. It can be used in various scenes such as beaches, weddings, and events, so please try it.  Since it is a water transfer sticker, it is easy to remove. It is also possible to cut out with a blade type and make perforations.

White tattoo sticker


Black lace tattoos are a popular item with an adult atmosphere, but white lace tattoos are also popular for their elegance and are in increasing demand in recent years. How about using the white tattoo sticker, which is popular overseas, for the production of wedding parties and events? It’s also fashionable to put a white lace tattoo on your wrist or ankle. Since it is a water transfer sticker, it can be peeled off immediately, and the design can be changed according to the situation. Even those who are uncomfortable with tattoo stickers may be able to adventure with white tattoos with lace patterns.


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